We understand how important your home or business is to you and the stress involved with planning construction projects, so we want to make your buying process as clear and pleasant as possible.

Here is what to expect during the process with us:

1: Initial call

Please contact us via the Free Estimate Request Form, email or by phone to set up a time for our estimator to come take a look at your project.

We pride ourselves on being punctual. We will not give you a vague time window for our arrival. We will call you in advance if we are running late for any reason.

2: Free Consultation

Your Cool Roof Hawaii estimator will arrive in a marked company vehicle and will greet you with a smile and his business card. Please be ready to let us know about your roofing needs.
    • Do you have a leak or just looking for a new roof due to the age of your existing roof?
    • Are you looking to cool down your home or business?
  • Are you installing solar?

We will then measure the roof, take photos of the roof and take notes of your existing roof.

Before leaving, the Cool Roof Hawaii estimator will explain to you the options available for your roof and we will try to provide as many options as possible to help fit your needs.

All proposals will be submitted in writing via email, mail or fax.

3: Decision Process

During your decision process, we’ll be available for any questions you might have. If something pops up that you need an answer for, please call the estimator you originally met with.

We recommend that you call any prospective contractor and get some references. Always compare apples to apples when deciding between estimates. Our customers have had great experiences with us because they shopped around and could clearly see the value of our services before they selected us as their roofing contractor.

Our decision process comes with a no pressure policy, but we may periodically follow up with you.

Always make sure your roof proposals are “apples to apples” when comparing different contractors. Not all roof systems are created equal.

Make sure you are getting the best contractor warranty for the price. We typically give the State of Hawaii maximum of 7 years for our workmanship warranty. Also, make sure you are getting a great manufacturer warranty. We typically try and get our customers in NDL (No dollar Limit material and labor warranties). Be wary of “50 year” or “lifetime” warranties, unless your Cool Roof Hawaii estimator has explained to you all the shortcomings of such warranties.

4: After Selecting Us

Thank you for your business!! All of us at Cool Roof Hawaii look forward to doing a great job for you.
Once you’ve selected us as your contractor, we will need a copy of your signed contract and your deposit payment to secure materials and the start date.
Once received, our scheduling department will contact you to give you a tentative start date and will keep you updated if anything changes before the start date (i.e. if weather delays arise).

5: Project Planning

Our office will be calling you to remind you of your start date, but we will also reach out to you to confirm things like roof color, equipment access to your jobsite, material delivery times and more.

At your request, your Cool Roof Hawaii estimator and foreman can come to your jobsite to meet you prior to the start of the work to go over the work scope and plan one last time.

6: Doing the work

Communication is paramount for a project to run smoothly, so expect our crew members to keep you informed throughout the work. You’ll find our entire team to be inviting, friendly, hard working, and available to answer any questions you might have along the way.

If the work takes longer than expected to complete, you’ll be updated in person or over the phone before our crew leaves for the day. We believe our customers should always be kept in the loop.

We will do our best to protect your home and its assets during the work process. This means we may ask if we can plastic off your car from potential coating hazards, or we may ask for different access points to the roof to help protect surrounding plant life or the lawn. We may also put plywood down in your driveway to protect it from being damaged during a re-roofing project.

7: Project Completion

Once the work is complete, your project foreman will do a 20-point Inspection of your property to ensure the work meets our standard. This inspection checks all possible items in your project to be certain that all areas have been completed with quality and accuracy.

We have a simple yet important motto at Cool Roof Hawaii – “Leave the project site cleaner than when you arrived”. Expect a cleaner property when our crew is through.

Our office will contact you to notify you of the job completion and to schedule a post inspection with your Cool Roof Hawaii estimator.

8: Post Inspection

A Cool Roof Hawaii manager will come back to your jobsite to meet with you and discuss the project with you. This is to make sure the finished work meets your expectations and that the job went as smoothly as possible.

9: Final Inspection

At your request – Cool Roof Hawaii GM, Brenden Clement, or Cool Roof Hawaii Owner, Kevin McCallum, will come out to your jobsite to personally inspect the roof as another layer of quality control.

10: Post Completion

Once the job is approved, an invoice will be either hand delivered or emailed to you for final payment.
Once the job is paid in full, our office will send you a copy of your Cool Roof Hawaii and manufacturer warranty.